Put it out of your mind. Following trends to start or run any eBay or amazon business is the wrong way to go. Don’t forget people are not nice and they don’t tell the truth. You have to be cautious of opportunities. I am talking about the ones that ask you for money in exchange for information to make or take your business to the next levels. Lies I will tell you now. YOU DON’T NEED TO BUY SOMEONE ELSE’S MISTAKES.

If the above is you, rethink what it is you or your company wants to accomplish. And then without spending a dime do some research yourself.  Surprise you found the information someone was trying to sell you on for free. Its like trying to read a how to guide only to get to the end and not learn anything.

Do not spend money in this business if you haven’t already made money

Yes this is exciting. Yes you love stuff. Don’t get caught up buying more inventory that you can not process. When I first discovered you can shop online for bigger better things who knew I could get them for pennies on the dollar. I went krazy, soon to wish I did not. I had no plan of action. I had no idea how much work it would really be to move all the inventory that I was now hording in my living room. Lesson learn the hard way. Again start slow and educate yourself first.

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